David Pierce is a Denton musical treasure. With his gifts as a world-class composer and arranger along with his formidable skills as a trombonist, we are fortunate indeed that he makes his home in our community!

- Steve Wiest / Director of the One O'Clock Lab Band, UNT

My Oh My

Hello and welcome to my “Listen” page…These songs spill over to a second page, so be sure to navigate to that one, too! (you’ll find that option at the bottom of this page). For this first number, I had the supreme honor of working on The Baptist Generals’ album, “Jackleg Devotional to the Heart” a few years ago. Of course the challenge was that I was being asked to add music to songs that were already perfect. Here is one of my arrangements for strings and winds. I do hope you enjoy.

To Think and Dream

These next two pieces are from a collection of work I call the “Singularity Suite,” based on the writings of Ray Kurzweil. Marion Powers delivers some hauntingly beautiful vocals, and cellist Buffi Jacobs’ group, Anaphase, delivers a powerful performance of this piece. “To Think and Dream,”....perhaps artificial intelligence will one day comprehend and “feel” what it means to love?


Another song from my “Singularity Suite.” The noise and chatter of this “thing” we call the internet, and how it’s slowly but surely marching towards the “singularity.”

Fiddler on the Roof

I mean, who says you can’t arrange “Fiddler on the Roof” for a big band?

Socrates and Cigarettes

A very special piece written for a very special man, Mr. Mike M Anzaldúa Jr. My uncle was a driving force in the success of my writing, and continues to inspire me to this very day. I miss you and love you, Tío.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Originally known as “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” this poem by Clarke Clement Moore is an absolute classic. It was an enormous honor of mine to set this to music. Expertly narrated by Mr. J Paul Slavens, and part of the “A Very Merry Denton” album.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

My orchestral arrangement of this holiday classic features Midlake’s very own front man, Eric Pulido. Some beautiful playing by all the musicians involved!

The Old Clock

These next few songs are from a Halloween musical I write every year called “Cirque du Horror.” Family friendly, and a mix of humor and the macabre, Cirque takes to the stage every October to transport its audiences to a magical time of ghosts, goblins, fairies and ghouls…where nothing is ever as it seems. Enjoy this piece, if you would, of an old clock possessed by some dark spirit that wakes every Halloween night….More info about Cirque can be found on its webpage :