David did a great deal for our music. His arrangements, masterful performances, as well as access to great readers to perform his music were integral in filling in the missing colors throughout the palette that I was trying to create. I will definitely work with him again.

- Nik Lee / writer, producer, member of The Texas Gentlemen


Got to really have some fun with heavy, heavy horn writing for The Lord Baltimores. Haven’t heard of ‘em? Well, check them out! This tune is a little afro pop meets Fred Wesley and the JB’s. If you’d like to hear more, check out my Spotify page or stream this album on Apple Music or Spotify. Dig!


A little Donny Hathaway inspired piece from the Lord Baltimores. A little chill and verrrrry groovin.

In The Middle of the Dust

A little gem from the Lord Baltimores. Wrote this lil’ guy for my son, Jonah. That’s Mr. Adrian Hulet on vocals, btw.

The Painter

A piece in my Halloween Musical, Cirque du Horror…A painter has her art come to life! ....except not in a good way.

Once More

A piece in my Cirque du Horror show. “Once More” is about a longing husband and a recently deceased wife. She haunts him, wishing as he does, for “once more.”

To Think and Dream

These next two pieces are from a collection of work I call the “Singularity Suite,” based on the writings of Ray Kurzweil. Marion Powers delivers some hauntingly beautiful vocals, and cellist Buffi Jacobs’ group, Anaphase, delivers a powerful performance of this piece. “To Think and Dream,”....perhaps artificial intelligence will one day comprehend and “feel” what it means to love?


Another song from my “Singularity Suite.” The noise and chatter of this “thing” we call the internet, and how it’s slowly but surely marching towards the “singularity.”

Fiddler on the Roof

I mean, who says you can’t arrange “Fiddler on the Roof” for a big band?