David is always able to make an existing compositions more interesting and complex while still serving the vocalist, and the song as a whole. He’s also very easy to work with, and makes everyone around him better.

- Matt Pence / The Echo Lab, Centro-matic
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Hello and welcome to the site! Please make yourself at home, and look and listen to whatever you’d like. If you are specifically looking for some of my arrangements/compositions and would like midi mock-ups or a view of the scores, please contact me directly, and I will be more than happy to send them along. Or if you just have questions on pricing, or would like to discuss custom work, please send me an email, and I will get back with you just as soon as possible. Thanks and I wish you all the best, cheers!

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Better Late Than Never

I don’t know what happened. After wrapping up all of last December’s performances and festivities, it seems I’ve blinked and now it’s mid-May…Yikes… Reflecting back on 2014, a lot of wonderful things happened. My brother got married to a wonderful girl, and the two of them brought a beautiful jewel into the world, Camille Annadel Pierce. ( Needless to say I’m a proud uncle! ) I was honored to write for and to perform with Buffi Jacobs’ original project, Anaphase. My Halloween Show played in Dallas for the first time, inside the historic Texas Theatre. The show received more press than it ever has to date. It was a little bit of a beating setting up, performing, and striking everything on the same day, but it was worth it. The theater, which sits about 600 + people felt almost a comfortable 50% full…and that was very nice indeed. The Day of the Dead Festival experienced record crowds (and heat!), and all of us are now thrilled that the street construction is finally over and Hickory now has its long awaited face lift. One of my other labors of love is the Denton Holiday Tree Lighting Show, and last year I was able to collaborate with several local musicians to produce the album “A Very Merry Denton.” ( The first of its kind, I believe! ) ...2015 started off with a hefty commission from Northwest ISD, and after wading through many other smaller assignments and writing gigs, I’m finally ready to focus on some of my own stuff….the only question is, where to begin? I think this year I will finally complete one movement of a body of work I am calling “The Silmarillion Symphonies.” I’ve also decided to write several new Cirque du Horror songs, and I know full well that October is only a blink or two away. ( yikes again ) Well, I heard once that a dream will never come to fruition if one doesn’t work hard and tirelessly at it. So, time to work.

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